We believe our faith must be expressed through community in order to fully be a witness of Jesus Christ to the world around us. We love and like one another growing in relationships through our families, small groups, and one on one discipleship.

We are passionate about the study and teaching of the Bible. We believe it to be the authoritative guide for Christian thought and living. The Word equips and sends disciples. The Bible shows us that the influence of the Holy Spirit enables us to live as witnesses to the world. We love to talk about God anywhere and anytime.

We worship freely and authentically in the beauty of our Creator. We express joy and pain, and everything in between, while remaining committed to our role as worshippers. This does not dismiss our circumstance or situation, but corporately exercises our belief: God is ever-present and above all.

We love Jesus. We believe a profession of faith in Christ should lead to an authentic desire to follow in His ministry and mission. We embrace Christ’s example of relieving suffering and opposing the oppressive forces corrupting humankind. We value sacrificial service, to the Church and the world around us.

We believe individual and corporate contemplation of God and His Holy Scriptures transforms us. On that foundation, we recognize that some beliefs matter more than others. Therefore we value dialogue, desiring and diligently working for an atmosphere where people from diverse perspectives can disagree on theological or ideological matters but be unified by their common faith in Jesus Christ.