We are supported by people who believe in the vision and mission of The Groves. When we began all resources came from outside donors. Now, as we have grown, 75% of our support is from within our faith community while the remaining 25% is from individuals and churches across the US. Our commitment to all giving is to respond with integrity and transparency.

A budget is more than just numbers, it is a reflection of our values and vision. Below are our operating and strategic budgets, outlining our present status and where we hope to be.

Operational Budget

This is the bare-bones amount we need to pay our bills and maintain our current status, gathering in inner Portland.

Salaries and benefits: $64,300/yr or $5359/mo. This number includes one full time pastoral position shared by our lead pastors, Paul and Sunia Gibbs and one stipend position shared by our worship leaders and volunteer coordinators, Erik and Jamie Cederberg. It also includes taxes and some benefits.

Venue: $10,200/yr or $850/mo. This covers our weekly rental for our Sunday wo0ship gathering. Liability insurance is an additional $2000/year.

Church planting and missions: $9000/yr or $750/mo. We are committed to giving 10% of what comes in to further church planting and support missionaries in our community and around the world.

Total: $87,700/yr or $7308/mo.

Strategic Budget

We want to grow, develop, and give back to our neighborhood. The following budget is the next step of growth for our community.

Salaries and benefits: $87,700/yr or $7308/mo. This adds a stipend for a children's pastor and allows an increase for the lead pastors and the current stipend position.

Venue: $36,500/yr or $3042/mo. We are currently paying under market for our space. This projected amount remains fluid based on potential partnerships and opportunities, but allows us to prepare to meet the challenges of the rental market in our neighborhood.

Church planting and missions: $15,000/yr or $1250/mo. This allows us to continue giving a minimum of 10% in this area.

Outreach and benevolence: $12,000/yr or $1000/mo. We are regularly faced with desperate needs and opportunities to engage with our greater community. This fund would provide resources for helping those in need as well as covering costs involved with outreach events we hold, like Sunday at the Star, where we host a free brunch and concert. We would like to deepen our local engagement with foster care and needs in our community.

Resources and development: $7200/yr or $600/mo. Presently, everything from coffee to kids' crafts, marketing to sound equipment is provided through the generosity of individuals covering those areas of ministry. As we've grown, greater participation is required to meet those needs. We would like to set aside an amount to at least subsidize those costs. Additionally, we want to encourage and contribute to the growth of our leaders and provide funds for ministry development, like conferences, books, and/or seminars.

Reserves: $7200/yr or $600/mo. For those months something breaks, the funds are low, or an urgent need arises. Because life happens.

Total: $165,600/yr or $13,800mo.