1 Samuel 29

Like a bad 90s pop song, David continually falls (and fails at living in any way close to perfection), but he gets back up again. He's flawed but still chosen by God. And the good news is: so are we! Live your life accordingly. The Bible tells us how.

Editors note: We're sorry about the audio quality this week, but if you listen hard you'll hear a really remarkable teaching.

1 Samuel 26

Do we trust that God is aware of all the injustices to us? And can we trust him to make things right? These are the questions David wrestles with, as he's faced with an epic opportunity to take down Saul once and for all.

1 Samuel 24

Jamie Cederberg talks through 1 Samuel 24, glamping when nature calls, and we discover the need to find a path between rebellion and pride to honor the gifts that God has placed in our lives.

1 Samuel 22

As Saul's heart hardens in fear and anger toward God, he takes murderous actions to hold onto his power. Saul's downfall is closer to our own lives than we might think, as Jesus points out that it starts with the heart. #thestruggleisreal

The good news is that God's called you to a David life, not a Saul life. He ends the strife and violence of war in our own hearts. And freedom grows by serving others in love.

1 Samuel 19

Trust, community and support as ways to find balance in the highs and lows of life are highlighted as we learn hear about Saul’s attempts on David’s life and his relationship with Jonathon in 1 Samuel 19.


Jamie and Erik tell their story about getting involved and finding that personal investment turns into personal reward and we hear from members of the community that invested in campers at Royal Family Kids' Camp.

Editor's note: The audio is a little rough for the first half, sorry about that!

1 Samuel 16

The expansive nature of God's kingdom, a lesson taught in the changing of the guard and finding the fruit of the spirit revealed in response to tragedy.

1 Samuel 15

Panic, judgement and mercy.

Editor's note: We lost a few minutes in the beginning of Paul's talk but trust that he greeted you and explained that we're diving into the text.