John 6:1-14

Jesus feeds 5,000+ people with just a boy's lunch! Howwww? Our crisis is Jesus' opportunity for a miracle. What do we have to offer, and what will He do with it?

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Paul and Sunia consider the power of resurrection to defeat death this Easter Sunday. He is risen, indeed.

We also hear from Kim about her story and how that power can overcome darkness in each of our lives, changing our stories.

John 4:43-54

Jesus heals an official's son, whose desperation draws out his faith. Is Jesus' interaction with him aloof or intentional? Listen up and consider what persistent faith in God looks like in your life.

John 4

This week we attempt to make it through the entire fourth chapter of John. Jesus talks almost exclusively in metaphors and we are reminded to put aside our prejudices.

John 2:13-25

Get to know who Jesus really is. This story reminds of his broad sense of justice and love, which can be easily overlooked if you're not looking in humility and openness. Build a routine into your daily life to spend time with Him. After all, the pattern the disciples took was to follow him, then believe. 🙌🏼

John 2:1-12

Sunia keeps the ball rolling (Super Bowl Sunday pun!) with vision and Paul dives into (football!) the next section of The Gospel of John where we find Jesus coming through with blessing and celebration where it wasn't expected.

John 1:35-50

Sunia's continuation in John as Jesus calls his disciples shows how dreaming big can ready us for God's work, as long as we recognize it might play out differently than we're looking for.

John 1:19-34

Sunia delivers some insight and vision into the next steps at The Groves and Paul follows up with thoughts on the next section of The Gospel of John.

The key to seeing God's answers in life is humility. John the Baptist shows us how being humble keeps us open to how God reveals Himself and uses us for His work.

Deep in God, Deep in Culture

What does it mean to be deep in God and deep in culture? It means to live your life in a present relationship with God through all times.

But even Jesus went through the desert. Good news: He's with us even there. So remember through good and bad that none of it is punishment, and He is there to encourage you.

Advent Week One: Hope

When the bible says to put your hope in God, it doesn't mean to cross your fingers and maybe good things will happen. His hope is promised. Biblical hope does not waver because it is rooted and founded in the faithfulness of God. As we enter this time of advent, look for the light in the darkness that is promised.

Sunia Talks Worship

God reveals Himself to us through worship. Our relationship is cultivated with Him in these moments. He liberated us so that we can be free to serve Him. What has you bound or limited from worshiping with Him today?