Resources and Tools for Cultivating the Inner Life

Hey Groves and Company,
This week we will be taking a little time to talk about developing our spirituality.

"What are you talking about Sunia?"

I'm so glad you asked.

I've been praying about growth in my spiritual life. I was tired of feeling weak and powerless. Discouraged and tired. So I began to make changes. Every day. Little adjustments. I was intentional about talking to God. And listening.

And responding.

And I began to experience new life and growth.

There's nothing new here. No hidden secrets. Just simple, profound, and concrete ways that people for centuries have pursued God. I wanted to invite you on the journey.

So here are some resources that I hope you find the time to check out over the next week. Let's talk about how we can do this together.

Non-traditional prayer movement. Check out 24/7 Prayer International. Scroll down towards the bottom and watch the 24/7 prayer shorts. Here's my personal favorite, but check them all out for yourself. Really. Do it.

Anything grab you? Any radical creative ideas?

Fasting. I found a brief, general Biblical account here. Campus Crusade has helpful information on their website here and here concerning the practical and spiritual nature of fasting. The Daniel Fast (link is to another church's website) is considered a partial fast and commonly used among faith communities. There are plenty of online resources regarding this fast - google or bing it!

One book I would recommend is God's Chosen Fast: A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Fasting by Arthur Wallis. Order it here.

My personal scripture of inspiration: Isaiah 58.

Have you fasted before? What was it like? Did you do it alone or with others? Do you have anxieties about fasting? What are they?

Contemplation. Have you ever visited SacredSpace? Take an easy ten minutes to reflect and be silent via the internet! Or, if you want to find some REAL space and enjoy the weather try The Grotto in North Portland. Easy access for an extra hour or two to get away and reflect.

Do you regularly practice silence and reflection as part of your spirituality? Do you ever feel bombarded by everything around you? Is your mind constantly spinning, even when you try to sleep at night? What do you do to cope when overwhelmed?